douchey mctwatwaffleson (sloppy_drunk) wrote in werkdelusional,
douchey mctwatwaffleson


We are trying to keep the peace and harmony within this community. We do not want to be affiliated with individuals who bring negativity.

If you cannot abide by the rules, then you simply do not belong here

If we, the mods, do not feel comfortable having YOU in our community, then we have the freedom to remove you from the community.

That said, there will be a minor sweep. Things have been blown way out of the water today and I'm tired of people making things personal. So let's just cut ties and call it a day, yes?

If you find yourself cut and you honestly think it was unfair, then PM me, and I'll be happy to discuss it with you. But after everything we've seen today, we're covering all bases.
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